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  Setup & Hosting
If you are really serious about promoting our product and earning money as an affiliate, you will definitely need to buy your own domain name and hosting. If you are looking for long-term income, this is a must.
Having your own domain name gives you complete control to test out different landing pages, copy, review, headlines, etc... Also, this will be your go to site for all of your marketing efforts to presell Sonic Producer.
Not only that, as time goes by you can begin to add valuable content to your site to gain more visitors through the search engines. This is free traffic something you should never overlook. Check out our section on SEO for a more detailed way to approach this.
  For domains: NameCheap - is an excellent service.
For hosting:
Bluehost - reasonable, cheap, and good customer service.
Aweber - Email marketing essential. I've used them for years.
Cheap Way: If you don't want to purchase your own domain/website you can always opt for a hosting site and create your own pages. This will give you the option to test out your idea. However, these sites have many more distractions and give you less control over the site layout which WILL affect conversions. They are not recommended but can be used to gain traffic and for interlinking purposes.
  Top 2 best sites are:
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