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  Long-term SEO Value
While many affiliates don't want to bother with SEO, don't underestimate its power. SEO has greater benefits than paid advertising because bottom line it is free! Think about it, for a PPC campaign to make $100 profit say you have to spend about $100 to make $200 or about 10 sales. To get the same return in SEO you only have to make about 5 sales, since the traffic comes free with no cost!
Some of the top affiliates in Sonic Producer use SEO to get sales each and every day. Yes, it takes time and doesn't have that instant feedback, but long-term there is more value in an SEO site.
Keywords are the foundation of any SEO campaign. You will want to do proper research to analyze which keyword groups to target. Be sure to visit the
keyword and article marketing pages to understand this a little better. However, unlike article marketing you are building value into your own site and not adding content on someone else's site.
So here are a few tricks you can use to build your own SEO network and diversify your traffic (this isn't the "only" way to do this, but it works for sure)...
Your SEO efforts needs to be a network of sites -- you can do well with any of them individually, but they work much better when combined and interlinked:
your main site will contain most of your articles and have a nice landing page to presell SonicProducer
consistent new article pages (at least 2-3 new articles per week on varying topics all the time) linking back to your main site; look back here for our top 5 directories of choice.
multiple pages
multiple pages
a blog or multiple blogs (could be wordpress or blogspot, etc)
Your squidoo pages, hubpages, your blog, and all ezinearticle pages should link back to your main affiliate domain to increase link juice your main site has.
Also you need to interlink your network of sites together to build more link popularity to all of your sources. Most article directories allow you 2 or 3 links back to different sites. Mix those links up between your main domain and your squidoos, hubs, blogs, and ezine pages.
Remember to focus on building your main site as well, dedicate half of your articles to directories but the other half you need to grow your site. The bigger your site the more credibility it will hold, and Google will give it favor. Also think of each new page like a new doorway to your site. The more pages your main site has the more doors visitors can use to visit.
Plus, with a solid site, you can also begin capturing email addresses and begin an email marketing campaign.
Yes, this method does take work, but if you work consistently on this about 1-2 hours every single day, I can gurantee within 1 year you will be approaching a 6-figure income. And it is not a PPC marketing model that can be shut down or turned off overnight. A viable SEO business is much more valuable than a PPC business any day. You could even sell your SEO business for 3-5 years of revenue, and start over!
It's not hard, it's just takes focus and commitment. The best way is to write down a plan and stick to it everyday.
Unfortunately, people are lazy and will never commit to actually doing work like this day-in and day-out. After 1-2 weeks it gets mundane and most people will give up. But a few get there probably less than 5%, and the rewards are well worth it. I can't tell you how many affiliates think they can just submit 1 article and all of the sudden the sales will start flowing in like crazy. It doesn't work that way... consistency and building various sources of traffic on a daily basis is what makes successful long term affiliates.
If you don't want to do the work yourself, hire a college student or someone that will do all of the work for a small hourly wage, and train them to work this entire system of page building and link building. In the long run, it can become quite a lucrative network that you build!
True story: I bought a domain about 8 months ago, and hired a blogger to write a few times a week. That site now makes around $4,000 a month after just 8 months. Just with 1 site alone blogging. It is a completely different niche but the concept is the same. Now I did do my due diligence before and research the proper keyword theme to focus on before committing. If I would have built a network of sites, I can bet my income would be doubled by now. This works, you just have to stick with it.
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