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  Keyword Research
Keywords are at the foundation of every PPC, SEO, and article marketing campaign. I know personal affiliates making 6 figures a month just with PPC alone. But like all business models you need to start small and build your way up.
Many newbie affiliates fail here. They go to some popular keyword software that spits out the same keywords that everyone else is using copy and paste. Spend some time thinking of keyword groups and ideas. Take a whole afternoon and brainstorm. You will be surprised and what you may come up with.
  Come up with themes, these will be your ad groups. Within each theme you will go deep and wide to find related keywords. Here are some ideas for keyword 'themes':
beats   instrumentals
rap   sequencer
hip hop   songs
music production   famous rappers
recording     etc ...
make beats
produce beats
how to make beats
how to make rap beats
make instrumentals
produce instrumentals
produce rap beats
produce rap instrumentals
music production
produce music
music production software
beat making machine
online beat making
make beats online
make beats on the internet
make instrumentals online
produce rap beats online
music production machine
online drum machines
online beat maker
beat maker
beat making online
make beats with software
produce music software
music maker software
make music online
make instrumentals
beat machine
I only listed sample keywords because there is no point in each affiliate using the same set of keywords. I just wanted to get your mind going; think outside the box and don't just focus on the 'core keywords'.
Here are some good tools to uncover keywords and find those long tail phrases:
Google Keyword Tool
Keyword Discovery
Keyword Spy
Keyword Map
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