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  Listen, if you are going to make beats online and sell them, you either need PayPal or a debit card. You can also purchase Sonicproducer with PayPal, and of course Debit cards. You really do not need a credit card.
  I am going to show you easy and effective ways to get a PayPal or Debit card even if you are broke, homeless, sick or depressed....and I mean business!
  NOTE: If you are going to make money via record labels, etc:
You need a bank account!
  1. Do you need a PayPal account? If so, open a PayPal account here.
  2. If you do not have a Bank Account, open one immediately! Walk or drive to your local Commerce bank, walk in and open a "free" checking account. It takes 15 minutes and you will receive a VISA debit card within a week. keep some dollars in your account and you can then purchase online software ( SonicProducer) musical instruments, etc.
  3. You can also make alot of money online nowadays, but you need AT LEAST a Bank Account and/or a PayPal account first.
  If you have any financial questions at all, email me at That's me!
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