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  3 Newbie Mistakes in Affiliate Marketing
Everyone makes mistakes especially when you are just starting out. Below are just 3 common mistakes you don't want to make as a new affiliate marketer.
Mistake #1 - Tracking
If you are not tracking where your sales are coming from you are flying blind. This component of affiliate marketing is fundamental to success. Ask any affiliate marketer who makes a living online, and tracking your sales is just something you DO.
Fortunately if you are using PPC, Clickbank makes it easy to track Google, Yahoo, and MSN sales. Be sure to read the Integrated Sales Reporting to see how to set this up. It is as simple as getting your Google tracking ID, and then logging into Clickbank and inserting it into your account setup.
For your other promotional efforts, like article or video marketing, take advantage of Clickbank's tracking ID's. For example, just append your 'tracking code' to the end of the hoplink. TrackingCode
Mistake #2 - Leads
Another well known fact is to collect leads. There is a reason you've probably heard a million times the money is in the list. It is because it's true! On your
landing page, having an opt-in form to collect leads allows you to capture that visitor. Once you have them you can continually market to them not only Sonic Producer but other products in the hiphop/beat industry as well!
This is a great way to add value to your article marketing, instead of getting visitors everyday, collect there email address in return for a free report or special access video you created. This also is the way to build your business. That list is yours and you can market to them whatever and whenever you want. Just don't abuse that and spam them. Build a relationship with them, offer tips, and then every once in a while recommend your affiliate products. This works.
The best email software to do this is aweber, hands down. The $19/month is well worth it, I've been using this for years.
Mistake #3 - Split Testing
Split testing is one of the easiest things you can do to grow your profits, but few people seem to do it. From the ads and headlines, to the images and even domain names. I highly suggest you try and test something out at least once a week. If you're getting 100+ visitors a day you can probably test several times a week. You will be amazed at how a few small changes can drastically improve conversions. This is a no brainer!
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