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  Confessions of a 6-figure Affiliate
  As an affiliate marketer for over 2 years now, I've seen what works and what doesn't. For those just getting started be sure to read the page getting that first sale. While getting to 6 figures is no easy task, the diligent and the focused are the ones who most often reach this goal.
  The good news is there are a few tips to get you there faster.
Secret Tip #1 - Content Network
For you PPC marketers out there, you've probably heard most people say to avoid the content network. However, if done right the ROI can be phenomenal! You are literally missing out on boatloads of traffic. I know personally I've gotten 40,000+ clicks a day at less than 5 cents a click on the content network for various campaigns. It is possible but takes time & focus and will not happen overnight.
Secret Tip #2 - Image Ads
Another secret tip is to use image ads on the content network. Much better CTR than the text ads. Make 2 of each size using photoshop or similar software with some simple headline, ad text and picture on your image ad. Take a look at some of the banners we have, but I highly suggest you split test them. If you are not design savvy you can outsource this just as simple. And test, test, test.
Secret Tip #3 - International Traffic
Don't be narrow focused and not test out international traffic. Many affiliates forget other countries and just focus on the US. Looking at SonicProducer, I'd say over 50% of the sales come from overseas, so include international traffic.
  Some countries to consider:
England Germany
Scotland France
Ireland Switzerland
Brazil Austria
Australia Spain
Canada Sweden
New Zealand Finland
Italy Norway etc...
Just take Brazil, Germany, and England and you already have a population larger than the US. And with the dollar exchange rate so low now, those in the EuroZone are much more willingly to drop a few Euros to purchase software!
Secret Tip #4 - Diversify
Google advertising too expensive? Try
yahoo search marketing and MSN adcenter. Much cheaper and still converts! Some people are killing it with these two, so go ahead and test them out.
Apart from PPC, test out other traffic as well, PPV, article marketing, SEO, media buys, etc... A good affiliate marketer will get traffic from a diverse group of sources. So when you get banned from Google, as many affiliates have, you still have traffic coming in, and it doesn't cut your income down to nothing.
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